Logi Crowley

(Voiced by: Natsuki Hanae)

"I Want Power... The Power to Protect the World!"


  • Country: Envylia
  • Birthday: January 11

Logi, a squire of the Blue Flame Guard, the most powerful knight faction of Envylia. He trains hard daily, because of his childhood promise to Dias and Agatha - to create a world where people can live in happiness.

Driven by a strong sense of justice, he perseveres through what he believes is right. But Dias and Agatha often scold him for his impulsiveness.

Dias Crowley

(Voiced by: Kaito Ishikawa)

"I Desire Power.. The Ultimate Power to Change the World!"


  • Country: Envylia
  • Birthday: June 21

Dias, a squire of the Blue Flame Guard, knight faction of Envylia.

Well composed, and sometimes even cold-hearted, like Logi and Agatha, Dias wishes for a world without class, where everyone can live happily.

He believes this to be unattainable without gaining ultimate power.

His actions, even if harsh, stems from his love for Logi and Agatha, as he feels very protective towards them.

Agatha Crowley

(Voiced by: Yoko Hikasa)

"How Wonderful It Would Be, If This Were a Peaceful World Where We Could Live Along Our Loved Ones"


  • Country: Envylia
  • Birthday: Unknown

Agatha, a nun from an Envylian convent.

She cares deeply about her childhood companions, Logi and Dias, and behaves like their older sister. They grew up together, sharing each other's dreams, hopes, joys and sorrows.

She’s a good cook, and often makes food for the homeless who come to the convent. She’s also good at sewing, and makes clothes for the children.


(Voiced by: Yui Horie)

"My Name is Ouroboros... I am the Bond between Truth and the World, the Observer of Destiny."


  • Country: Unknown
  • Birthday: Unknown

Ouroboros, a mysterious girl who appears before the Door of Truth.

She calls herself the Observer of Destiny, but her objectives and true identity are unknown.

Edgar L. Leonhart

(Voiced by: Ryota Osaka)

"Don’t Make Women Cry... Nothing in the World is More Important than That."


  • Country: Slothstein
  • Birthday: May 25

Edgar is a sharpshooter traveling the world on his Alchemia bike with his beloved gun “Betty.” As a firm believer of non-killing, he loads his guns with his own powerful Alchemic Energy instead of bullets, basically knocking his opponents unconscious without taking their lives.

He may seem like a sleazy playboy at first glance, but he opposes anyone who makes a lady cry. He’s a hot-blooded type of guy who will furiously make a stand against any womanizer, strong or weak.


(Voiced by: Yoshika Akashi)

"I’m Not Sure If I Can Help... But I’ll Do the Best I Can!"


  • Country: Slothstein
  • Birthday: Unknown

Fiona is the daughter of Redington City’s ex-mayor Edward Elester. “Elester” is also a manufacturer of alkaroids for household and communication purposes. As expected of the daughter of a noble family, she’s a sweet and proper girl, but when push comes to shove, she does have the courage to take matters in her own hands. Her personality is honest and to the point, and she relates to anyone with a sense of equality.


(Voiced by: Ikumi Nakagami)

"My Name Is Al! I’m Not Just an Ordinary Alkemono!"


  • Country: Slothstein
  • Birthday: Unknown

Al is a pet-type alkaroid. Though he’s an old model without any installed speech functionalities, he gained the ability to speak after a certain event. Edward gave him to Fiona as a birthday present when she was a child, and she’s always taken good care of him. He’s got a mischievous demeanor, and when it comes to Fiona, he’s very easy to excite.

Don Taras

(Voiced by: Daisuke Matsuoka)

"What Are You Babbling About? Just Bring It On... I’ll Take Good Care of You."


  • Country: Slothstein
  • Birthday: Unknown

Don Taras is a Mafia boss controlling the “Real Heaven” and “Little Heaven” districts of Redington City. He’s an old-fashioned spirit with a strong sense for duty and humanity, who wouldn’t allow anyone in his organization who’d make a woman cry. In order to deal with the approaching cataclysm, for several years, he’s been saving Alchemic Energy in his right arm.


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